Classes and Workshops
[Prices per person]

Pesto $24.00
Herb Vinegar $24.00
Tea Class $24.00
Culinary Herb Class $45.00
Potpourri $28.00
 Jam Making $30.00
Growing and Using Herbs (culinary and fragrant) $24.00
Growing your own vegetables and fruit $28.00
Herb Planter class $75.00
Special! Tea and Tussie-Mussie $9.00
Everlasting flower and Fragrant Herb classes
[Priced per size & arrangement type. Choose from wreath, swag, door bouquet, arch, topiary, or table arrangement]
Grapevine wreaths – fall only $75.00
Demonstrations – for large or small groups, including buses $25.00
Tea – if you are visiting the Herb Farm you may request tea for two or more $3.00
Jam Making $15.00

All classes and demos must be arranged with your own group (minimum of FOUR PER GROUP). Times and dates available on request. All classes require a 50% deposit with confirmation of date and number attending. HST is added to prices.